A micro PHP framework that gets out of the way. Just Build.
Title Atomic
Date January 5th, 2021
Client Private
Work Development, Design
Tools used PHP
Status In progress
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If you're out in the prowl today in Frameworkville you might well spot a few Laravels and Symfonys hanging out by the beach. They will likely be catching some waves, swimming and topping up their tans. Take a trip to the nearby waterfalls and you could end up tripping over some Yiis splashing around while the CakePHPs climb and jump from the nearby rocks. All these beautiful creatures enjoying their day off and relaxing before they have to get back to work powering the PHP websites and apps we all know and love.

Life is tough at the top for the wild frameworks and if you can't beat them you diversify. The only way is to be leaner, more relaxed and less opionated. This is the modern age after all, times are changing and people are changing as well. Nowadays people don't want to be told what to do, how to dress or what to think. Having no stance is a strong stance and after all don't we want that in our frameworks as well?

Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Cake and all the other honourable candidates that make up the foundation of the PHP frameworks we respect you and we build with you. We will continue to build with you and support you, just as you support us with your code and time saving functionality. However, sometimes you just want to be free, you want to run with the wind in your hair. Using Atomic is like riding a giant seahorse while drinking a can of Ting and being able to vote for anyone you like in the next election even if they are not a politician. Atomic makes things that are impossible seems slightly less impossible, it makes the possible more possible and the improbable slightly less improbable.

So don't forget about our brother and sisters in Frameworkville, but maybe it's time to just build. It's time to be Atomic.