Pony Up

Pony Up is an app that allows you to make smarter horse racing bets.
Title Pony Up
Date November 1st, 2019
Client Personal project
Work Research, Project management, Development, Design
Tools used HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, vue.js
Status Completed
Link http://pony-up.art-by-rab.com
  • Horse race images - Pexels

Pony Up is a horse race betting calculator. It provides you a real world percentage of the likelihood of you betting on the winning horse in 1 or more races.

Pony Up is a simple one page app designed using Vue.js. Building the app gave me a great opportunity to learn more about Vue and how it works.

The project was designed with the goal of creating a quick MVP that was ready for extension if needed. I started out defining the project scope and then creating the project management document and software design document. Next i built the layout mockups before moving onto a flat design. The penultimate stage was building the app, and then finally testing, debugging and refining the app.

Designed, managed and built in under 2 weeks part time, Pony Up is ready to help horse racing aficionados make more insightful bets.