Manage your project in text Markdown files and make your project management easier with Projectee.
Title Projectee
Date October 1st, 2019
Client Personal project
Work Research, Development, Design, Logo
Tools used Markdown, Pandoc
Status Completed

Projectee has Project Management related document templates in Markdown format that you can use as the foundation for your own project.

Writing up project documents in Word or whatever word processing editor you use can be frustrating and tiresome. Not everyone uses the same editor, and the formatting ends up looking different on each computer. Additionally, there is always the rogue element that never does what you want. The header that moves itself into the body the paragraph whose formatting extends well beyond its means and the image that just wont move into the space you want. Long story short word processors are great, but can be very annoying.

Projectee’s simple Markdown templates are editable in any text editor and just play nicely. You can simply export to multiple formats for your Markdown ignorant friends and loved ones. If you’re a coder that longs for a simple and easy way to write your Software Design Document or project templates then you are going to love Projectee.