A PHP Object Oriented library to easily create invoices.
Title Sinvoice
Date August 1st, 2018
Client Personal project
Work Development, Logo
Tools used PHP, Composer, OOP
Status Completed
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Sinvoice is a PHP invoicing library that allows you to easily and quickly create invoices. It is a sin not to use Sinvoice.

Sinvoice is a fully object oriented invoicing library for PHP. Creating invoices in an object oriented way is super easy. You can easily add items, shipping, discounts and more with all the hard work of calculating totals and costs hidden away.

In creating Sinvoice i utilised various design patterns to keep the code nicely organised and easy to understand. I used the factory pattern to make it simple to create invoices with a predetermined supplier and specific tax rates. I used the observer pattern to keep the invoice updated when new items are added to it, ensuring the totals are always correct.