Tego is a set of PHP interfaces designed to help you adhere to data regulations in a PHP app.
Title Tego
Date July 21st, 2021
Client Personal
Work Development, Logo
Tools used PHP
Status Completed
Link https://gitlab.com/artbyrab/tego
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Tego is a set of PHP interfaces designed to help you adhere to data regulations in a PHP app. Tego does not provide any code but instead provides guidance with structure on the things you might want to consider when working with data. You can pick and choose what parts of Tego you want to use to assist in building up your data regulation functionality.

Tego is not:

  • A cloud hosting solution where you can store various company documents related to your data management.

Tego is:

  • A code based way to organise data regulations
  • A way for developers to own data regulations
  • A way to help developers think about data regulation
  • A way to store your data regulation information in a Git repo

Example of using Tego

You can see an example of using Tego in the example repo https://gitlab.com/artbyrab/tego-example.

Developers have a responsibility to protect user's data

If you use Tego make sure you(and your company) do the right thing with user's data:

  • Be fully transparent with users about how you plan to use their data
  • Use plain and simple language that everyone can grasp easily
  • Don't keep data unless you need to
    • Auto delete/anonymise data after you have used it or no longer need it
    • Keep data lifecycles low(3-6 months) except for government mandated regulations like accounting or financial restrictions
  • Don't sell user's data it's unethical
  • Don't share user's data with other entities
  • Allow users to properly delete their data without holding onto it via some obscure loophole
  • Make it easy for users to delete their data
  • Make it easy for users to close their accounts completely and finally

Developers write the code and therefore are the only people who can ultimately enforce the correct ethics. Developers can and should own responsiblity to protect user's data.